What Do Your Plans and Meteorologists Have in Common?

As I watch all of these computer models tell us where Hurricane Irene is going to go, where she might go and what her impact might be, I think about all of the planning we do.

In the case of an impending storm, we plan evacuations.  We plan first aid and supply kits.  We plan for our pets and how to communicate with loved ones.

So, is it different in our businesses?  We write business plans, sales/marketing plans, operations plans.  We have contingency plans and we plan for our planning sessions.

Just like the impending hurricane, we need to understand that nobody knows what is going to hit until it does.  You have to have a plan, adjust your plan, seek guidance on your plan, and make darn sure that you make the necessary course corrections while you are implementing it.

Just like when you live in a low-lying coastal area right now.

Be safe over the next couple of days.  Do the right thing for you and your family and work your plan.

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