Beware the Evil Middleman

In this day and age, we are all seduced by the power of the referral source, the networking hub, the middleman.  Although much of our business comes via trusted colleagues, beware the middle man who has commercial interest in your success.  We all know who they are.  They promise to deliver the contacts and referral sources we “need” to be successful.

Solid relationship building and good business practices don’t require these snake oil salesmen, and many of the purveyors of snake oil are disguised as people who want to help build on-line communities.

Keep your guard up and ask yourself the question, “what’s in it for them?”  If you don’t see a clear path to their making an honest living, run away — as fast as you can.  Don’t waste your time or your money on people who disguise their motivations behind a fancy web site and promises to be interested in your business.


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