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Run to Daylight

For those of us old enough to remember, Vince Lombardi’s impact on a professional sport is undeniable. For those of us not old enough to remember, think about why the Super Bowl winner receives the Lombardi Trophy.

Coach Lombardi was always good for a quote or ten. One that has always stuck with me is “run to daylight!”

Many people have misinterpreted that as a cheer to get his running back (quarterback or receiver) to simply run.

The fact is that Coach Lombardi was one of the first to implement game planning and individual play planning. He practiced his team every day to ensure that everybody knew what they should do during any specific play.

It would be very easy to say, “I planned it, and I coached it, but they didn’t do it,” and not doing that is what separated Lombardi from the rest.

When he said, “Run to daylight,” he was telling his players, “You know what we planned on doing, we have practiced it, and we think we know what to expect.
We have given you the tools by doing the research and designing the plays, but we can’t control what happens on any given play.”

Rely on your teammates, and know that they will make mistakes.

Rely on your coaches because they have spent hours studying the opponent and how they will react.

Count on yourself. Run to daylight. You have the ability to perform and make decisions, and we rely on you just like you rely on us.

Run to daylight.

Are you running your business to allow your people to run to daylight?

Have the coaches done their planning?

Have the coaches communicated that plan to everybody on the team?

Does everybody on the team understand his role and responsibilities?

Coach Lombardi did. That may be why the Super Bowl champion wins a trophy named after him.


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